Booking an Appointment

Revised Appointment System

Following the results of our recent practice questionnaire we have reviewed our appointment system and made some changes to how many appointments can be booked in advance.

How we book our Doctors Appointments

The earlier you phone us the more choice of appointment time you will get.

We now book in advance 20% of all our GP appointments up to 3 weeks ahead. These are generally the first appointments of the day and the last appointment of the day for each doctor.

Then the remaining 80% of doctors appointments are booked on the same day.

Once all our appointments are booked you will be asked to phone back tomorrow, unless it is a medical emergency which we will of course deal with the same day.

Appointments - Our Commitment

With a Doctor: For medically urgent requests, we will offer an
appointment on the same day.

For routine appointments we try to offer the same day, but may be next day in exceptionably busy times.

With a Practice Nurse: For routine appointments we will try to
offer an appointment within five working days, however this is not
always possible; especially for blood test requests at busy times.

If there is a delay in the appointment wait (when you arrive) of more
than 20 minutes we will let you know.

We are happy to update you on any delay situation if you feel that
you have been waiting too long.

How many appointments are on offer?

In a normal week we provide 440 ten minute doctors appointments.

  • 88 of those can be pre-booked up to 3 weeks ahead.
  • 316 of those are booked on the day in question.

Doctors' Appointments - Time for each appointment

Our doctors' appointments last 10 minutes; sometimes a longer appointment is necessary but this will be arranged by the Receptionist.

Disabled Patients

Our surgery offer access and toilet facilities to disabled and wheelchair patients.  If you cannot climb the stairs please inform
the receptionist who will arrange for the doctor to see you downstairs.  There is disabled access to our treatment room through the back door, by request please.