Smoking Cessation Advice & Support

Advice and Support on Quiting Smoking is available during
consultation throughout the day.

We have a new member of staff from Camquit here to help you quit. Peter Watson is available on:

  • Thursdays 2.30pm - 5pm
  • Alternate weeks from 4pm -7.40 pm.

Please ring reception to make an appointment with him.

Please ask at reception for further information about this service.

Useful External Links:

No Smoking Day  may have gone but whenever your quit day is, browse the links on this page for motivation, information and expert advice.
Gosmokefree - This website contains detailed information about the free NHS support services.
Smoking Cessation - NHS Choices Site – if you smoke, giving up is probably the greatest single step you can take to improve your health.
Quit Org. - Quit is the independent charity whose aim is to save lives by helping smokers to stop.
Smoking Quitters Cost Tool - Calculate the money you will save with NHS Direct quitters cost calculator and plan how to spend it.
ASH - Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) is a campaigning public health charity that works to eliminate the harm caused by tobacco.