Summary Care Records

The NHS in England has introduced the Summary Care Record, an electronic health record that can be accessed when you need urgent treatment from somebody other than your own GP.

Summary Care Records only contain key information about the medicines you are taking, allergies you suffer from and any bad reactions to medicines you have had in the past. You will be able to add other information too if you and your GP agree that it is a good idea to do so.

On the 12th March a summary care record will automatically be created for you and uploaded unless you choose to opt out. 

If you wish to opt out, please download an opt out form from here, or ask for one at reception.

Please note: if you have already signed an SCR opt out form at this surgery in the last 6 years, you need take no further action as your SCR will not be uploaded.

If you are happy for your SCR to be uploaded you do not need to do anything.

For more information please visit or download our leaflet.